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LUNATION Art of the Moon

Observatory’s first group-curated show

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, January 7, 2012 7-10 PM
ON VIEW: Sunday, January 8 to Sunday, February 26, 2012
HOURS: Thursday & Friday 3-6PM, Saturday & Sunday 12-6PM
CLOSING RECEPTION/3rd Anniversary Fundraiser: Saturday, February 18, 2012 8PM

Artists and scientists have always been attracted to the moon…
Our closest celestial neighbor, the earth’s little sister, the moon creates the tides and illuminates the woods at night. For centuries, humanity believed the moon provided a key into the invisible realm: it called out the beast within us, freeing us to act as wolves, to run, to dance, to chant—and sometimes (as in Duncan Jones’ Moon) to split in two, to find our double, our changeling moon-self.

Is the moon home to life? Today we know it isn’t, but even as of 1830, speculation was rampant that the moon was inhabited by Christianized bat-people who worshiped in great ziggurats. (See The Sun and the Moon by Observatory alumnus Matthew Goodman for details.) Still, life comes to the moon. We know the moon contains frozen water, and we dream of using it as our jumping-off point for visiting even more alien vistas…

You can find out more about this exhibition by clicking here.

View show images here



Morbid Anatomy and Borderline Projects are co-hosting a Halloween / Day of the Dead Party on Saturday, October 22.

The night’s amusements will include
  • Ghoul a Go Go: Premiere of a brand new episode
  • The Midnight Archive: Two new episodes of The Midnight Archive, Ronni Thomas’ new web series based on Observatory
  • Burlesque: A creepy Burlesque performance by Lil’ Miss Lixx
  • Traditional Food and Drink Specials throughout the evening
  • Costume Contest. Prizes for costumes inspired by either Vlad, Creighton, The Invisible Man, or any of the clips featured on Ghoul a Go Go
  • Day of the Dead Altar: Altar de Muertos, an installation by Borderline Projects celebrating Mexico and its past, history and culture
  • Face painting: Have the Kiss of Death painted on your face by La Catrina
  • Pan de Muerto: Indulge in this traditional dessert calledBread of Death
  • Sugar skulls: Decorate and eat or bring home your own Day of the Dead sugar skull
  • Offerings to the Departed: In some places in Mexico, people leave small, coffin-like figures out for the souls of the departed. Guests are invited to leave their own offering; they will be available at the installation
  • Music: Wavy gravy Halloween music for the all night dance party
      Please join us for a night of art, music, death and debacle.